How It Works - Advisors


Hundreds of Clients are Waiting for Your Help!


Are you a psychic who enjoys working with people to guide them on their spiritual journey? Or do you enjoy providing insight on various business or personal issues?


Here at PsychicOz, you’ll find hundreds of clients who need your assistance! Most of them are working on some sort of personal, business, or career issue and are looking forward for an honest, friendly insight.


Our comprehensive tools will help you connect with them and earn thousands of dollars doing what you love. All you need to do is create your profile, choose your rates and get ready for all the work that will start coming your way!


1. Register by filling out the registration form.

2. Create your profile and set your phone or email reading rates.

3. Wait for our customer service team to approve your profile and contact you.

4. Start working and receive payment on time!


You set your own rates for all of your services, so you are in control of how much money you make. You will receive every two weeks 50% from what you earn through our site during those 2 weeks!


Please note: Requesting to be paid outside of our network will result in you being banned from PsychicOz indefinitely.


All You need is 10 minutes to begin connecting with clients!

Happy Readings!