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: ** Accurate, Insightful, Clarifying **


: More than 2 years


: Chinese, Dutch, English


: , United States

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    Love & Relationship Psychics, Career Forecasts Psychics, Life Path Psychics
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    Clairvoyant Psychics, Dream Analysis Psychics, Automatic Writing Psychics
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    No Tools Psychics, Tarot Card Psychics, Oracle Cards Psychics


About My Services I’m an experienced international psychic and tarot card reader, with over 26 years of reading for people. I’m known for my uncanny accuracy, insight and strategies that get results. My psychic abilities started showing up early in my life as a preteen I was always having visions of future happenings. These abilities run in my family. I went on to do professional development of these skills and learn the tarot.


26 Years Professional Psychic, Tarot Card Reader Diploma, Business Owner, Career and Business Strategy Advisor For Over 20 Years, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, International Psychic Experience, Speaker

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